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Treating Gynecomastia with the WAL Method Featuring Dr. Hartmut Meyer

Optimizing outcomes in lipedema surgery by Dr. Vasu Karri

Lipedema vs. Lymphedema. Understanding the differences by Dr. Jay Granzow

Adopting WAL method for lipedema patients by Dr. Nadiv Shapira

Using WAL for Lipedema patients by Dr. Jay Granzow

Learn more about Water Assisted Liposuction as well as using Body-Jet Evo for Lipedema with Dr. Todd Malan

Treating Lipedema Patients using the body-jet EVO (Dr. Heck)

Water Assisted Liposuction for Lipedema with Dr. Josef Stutz

Lipedema – Questions, Concerns, Treatment & More! (Dr. Amron)

Fat Harvesting for Regenerative & Aesthetics with Dr. Todd Malan

Exploring micronized fat for regenerative medicine by Dr. Matthew Otten

Water-Jet Technology overview by Dr. Malan,

Water-Jet Assisted Sweat Gland Removal and Gynecomastia treatment using Body-Jet with Dr. Hartmut Meyer

Water-Jet Technology overview by Dr. Malan

Water-Jet assisted Face-Lifting using the body-jet eco by Dr. Kai Kaye

Masterclass Webinar for micronized fat harvesting in regenerative medicine with Dr. Otten

What is water-jet assisted fat grafting with Dr. Andre Berger

Carestream Masterclass featuring body-jet® eco with Dr Dewald

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